Whether running a brick-and-mortar business or an ecommerce store, retailers must stay up-to-date with the latest trends. This includes streamlining the in-store and other online activities to facilitate customer acquisition and retention. A business needs retail software development to get the best software to help it run. 

Retail Software Solutions

Retail software solutions can be defined as all the digital activities or solutions that help an ecommerce store or a retail business to function at its best. These include solutions for both in-store activities and out-of-store or online activities. You can automate your store functions with custom retail software development. Covid-19 saw massive use of retail software for online purchases from ecommerce stores. Customer service has also improved with the introduction of custom chatbots. 

Competitive Advantage Provided by Retail Software Solutions

Combine custom retail software solutions with machine learning or AI. Now, you can design the best customer marketing strategies by analyzing their buying behavior. Similarly, retail software development has highly impacted customers’ buying preferences. An excellent retail software solution assists your customer, ultimately retaining him. Some solid stats even support these points. Take the study conducted by Zetes in collaboration with Zebra Technologies. Did you know?

  • About 78% of customers refrain from using a retailer again that gives late deliveries or incomplete ones on three occasions.
  • If an item appears unavailable on a store shelf, with no assistant nearby, 87% of customers leave the store immediately.
  • About 30% of customers are highly impatient. They don’t wait more than 2 minutes to check whether the item they wish for is in the store or on the premises.

Why Go For Custom Retail Software Solutions?

It would be best to adopt custom retail software solutions as this gives your retail store or business a competitive edge over other stores that disregard its need or importance. Furthermore, automated functions through retail software development simplify the client-gain-and-retention thing, giving you a clear overview of all processes.

Positives of Custom Retail Software Solutions

The benefits of custom retail software development are undeniable and concrete. Some main ones include:

  1. Real-time visibility

Custom retail software provides complete knowledge about the whole inventory in online mode. You can quickly determine what most clients want to buy and which products you should re-stock. Thus, you get full coverage and visibility over your inventory 24/7.

  1. Automation of in-store processes

Retail software solutions automate all the in-store activities, providing a seamless running of a store. These may include billing, auditing, inventory management, pricing, payroll records, customer service, returns inventory, etc.

  1. Improved customer service

Automating a business’s processes leaves ample time to deal with customers to the best of one’s ability. These can be in-person clients or online ones. Customer retention becomes easier as analytics from retail software development guide your marketing strategy for sending customized recommendations to your clients.

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Different Kinds of Retail Software Solutions

  1. Point of Sales (POS) software

POS software operates in a brick-and-mortar store for on-point sales and deals with hardware and software. It can be any POS:

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Self-service
  1. Inventory management software

Inventory management software deals with all aspects of inventory management with the support of automation process/AI technology. 

  1. Payment processing software

Payment processing software connects ecommerce store sites with other online platforms that provide secure payments, such as credit cards or other online payment means.

  1. Retail ERP systems

Retail ERP systems provide software that unites systems concerning all stages of a store or business. Here, ERP stands for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning. ‘

  1. E-Commerce Software

E-Commerce software deals with all the relevant aspects involved in the online buying and selling of products from a store.

How to Create Custom Retail Software for Your Business?

  1. Choose the right vendor

The perfect the software provider is, the better your end software result will be. So, choose your vendor wisely. 

  1. Plan and budget

Plan what feature you wish to add to your retail software and budget.

  1. Development and implementation

Train your staff to use and implement the new software gradually and thoroughly for retail software development.

  1. Testing

Retail software development involves continuous testing for proper integration.

  1. Maintenance

After successful implementation, a custom retail software solution needs post-launch maintenance. You may use software developers or your tech experts. 

How can Ficus Technologies help with this?

Choosing the right software development company gives your business or store the best custom retail software solutions. Ficus Technologies offers professional services for your retail software development process. Trusted by top global companies, our reviews speak for themselves. You will get the best retail software solution for your unique business.