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Make Your Software Adapt to Changing Business Goals with Proper Software Re-engineering and Maintenance

At Ficus, we provide application and software re-engineering services to keep them running flawlessly, securely, and up-to-date by proactively resolving issues before they become real problems and improving performance in line with your current business goals. We carefully study the current state of your systems, compare them with your wishes for their functioning in the future, and offer the best way to maintain and re-engineer them.

Our Software Re-Engineering
& Maintenance Services

Code Refactoring
Let us make your code more efficient, readable, and maintainable to help reduce technical costs and avoid costly errors through smoother quality control and debugging processes.
UX Redesign
We will give your website a second life by improving structure and functionality, optimizing UX touchpoints, and improving usability to provide users with a seamless conversion-charged experience.
We perform large-scale or small-scale migrations of software infrastructures with minimal interference in your business processes and ensure data movement is as controlled and secure as possible.
Extension of System Capabilities
Re-engineering your systems into a modular architecture provides a seamless, smooth extension of system capabilities to provide a multi-criteria optimal redevelopment operation.
Cad Technicians Case Study
End-to-End Development of a projects controlling and implementation system
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Find out more about our client’s experience working with Ficus Technologies and its results for their business.

Pavel Ivascenko
Pavel Ivascenko
Co-Founder at Vera&Paul
They take the time to understand your business and goals before diving into the project. The team is very thoughtful in ensuring the service they deliver is exactly what you desire. They also bring their experience to the table to help them think things through.
Oleg Ghecean
Oleg Ghecean
Founder of CAD Technicians
They can easily bring someone on board who is up to speed really quickly. The depth and breadth of their technical talent stand out. When they bring on someone new, like when we decided to add the backend work, they came on board and added a significant contribution early on. It didn’t take weeks before they were making progress.
Julian Milinkovskyi
Julian Milinkovskyi
Founder of Puzzle-DMS
What impressed me the most was how thorough Ficus Technologies was. After we discussed the solution, they would come back to me with a list of everything they got from the conversation, what needed to be executed, and what the timeline was. Their project management was phenomenal to go along with being the best programmers I’ve ever worked with.
Shlomi Shpirer
Shlomi Shpirer
Senior Project Manager at Fiverr
They understood the qualities we seek in our professional and cultural positions, which are unique and admired. Unlike other agencies ‘ leads, all the candidates submitted to us were great and had true potential.
Tamir Kaplan
Tamir Kaplan
Head of Operations at K Health
During the period of cooperation, Ficus Technologies showed great engagement from the very beginning of cooperation. There was ongoing communication between our team and the recruiters, so we were kept up to date with all the project details. They were supportive, open to talk, and ready to adjust the hiring process to our needs. We are very satisfied with the candidates recommended by Ficus Technologies.
Olena Kryvenko
Olena Kryvenko
Executive on behalf of Kolo
Ficus Technologies designed a website that is visually appealing, user-friendly, and easy to navigate that beautifully reflects our organization’s mission and values. Ficus Technologies also provided exceptional development services to ensure the website ran smoothly and efficiently.
Nataliia Brynza
Nataliia Brynza
COO at Software Development Company – ARTJOKER
The entire process of hiring was simple. We had a strict deadline and needed to find profs for our project, and Ficus made it: the staff they hired was extremely knowledgeable and provided us with a diverse pool of highly qualified software development services. We were delighted with their level of service and for sure would hire them again.
Artem Goncharov
Artem Goncharov
CBDO at NVCoding
I strongly recommend staffing services from Ficus Technologies for those looking for good developers. Their distinguishing feature is that they took the time to learn about our company’s needs and culture, guaranteeing a good fit. So, they studied our project and found an efficient and communicative team of software developers. Thanks to such staffing solutions, we could succeed in our project.
Serhii Soroka
Serhii Soroka
Partnership Manager at 8allocate
8allocate needed assistance and was discovering competent developers and the Ficus Technologies team connected us with various highly qualified specialists. The staff they offered was extremely accommodating and made the whole process stress-free. Our company applauds their knowledge and strongly recommends their services to every business because they are at the highest level.
Rostyslav Redko
Rostyslav Redko
CEO at Evenmore
We found an ideal software developer for our company thanks to Ficus Technologies. We were impressed by the high caliber of software engineers they presented to us during the process, which was smooth and efficient. After completing the project, we strongly advise anyone seeking staffing solutions to address the Ficus Technologies company.
Svitlana Iliashenko
Svitlana Iliashenko
Partnerships Manager at SPD-Ukraine
Our company urgently needed a Frontend developer with React.Js knowledge. We contacted Ficus Technologies about possibly engaging their specialist to work on our project, and they provided us with a developer whose technical skills fully met our needs. The project was completed on time and met all our requirements. We highly recommend Ficus Technologies.
Dmitry Gusev
Dmitry Gusev
Co-Founder & CGO at Codemotion Ninjas
We had an urgent need for a skilled professional, and the Ficus Technologies team went above and beyond our expectations. They successfully identified competent specialists for our project, enabling us to fill the vacant position swiftly. We applaud their professionalism and wholeheartedly endorse their services for any enterprise.
Andrew Stozhuk
Andrew Stozhuk
Partnership manager at Develux
They worked challenging and gave us quality services. It was an excellent experience of cooperation with the Ficus Technologies team, which is professional and proactive and supplied outstanding software developers to our organization. We are incredibly thankful for their assistance and would gladly hire them again for our future projects.

Why You Should Start Software
Re-Engineering & Maintenance With Ficus

Reduced Risk and Cost
of Transformations
With a full analysis of your business environment, processes, and needs, we guarantee the creation of an optimal strategy for re-engineering and transforming your software with a minimum of risks.
Tailored Assessments and
Fit-For-Purpose Processes
We start from specific systems and processes of your product to build optimal processes aimed at achieving a specific result, increasing productivity, optimizing scaling, expanding functionality, etc.
All our processes are built in such a way as to provide complete transparency so that you always know how the project is progressing and what task is being completed at any given moment.
Continuous Support and
Long-Term Value
We don’t stop at one-time improvements. Our team continues to monitor the health of your systems to optimize performance, minimize costs, and ensure best practices are implemented.
Experienced Team of
Senior Experts
Our team consists mainly of senior experts with an impressive track record and vast experience in software re-engineering and maintenance to make you feel in safe hands and confident in the result.
Best Digital Acceleration
Tools in the Arsenal
We provide you with mature, state-of-the-art software management capabilities. Our team uses the latest technologies and innovative approaches to help you overcome your business challenges.

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