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Enhance your financial services footprint through fintech software development services to stay a leap ahead for wealth management, payroll tools, banking software, and P2P lending. Our fintech software services can help your business outgrow all competitors.

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Benefits of the Fintech

This innovative approach to transforming all the financial institutions within your organizations with specialized digital solutions can bring several benefits. Our expertise brings cutting-edge industry merits, including:

Automated customer service
Our fintech software development converges with artificial intelligence resulting in the following: Smart chatbots, Smart advisors, Virtual assistants.
Thus, every customer on your platform enjoys a personalized experience, and your business enjoys a higher customer retention rate than ever before.
Higher efficiency
Fintech software development brings higher efficiency as compared to traditional systems. With customized functionality implementation according to your requirements and automation, the overall efficiency against business operations improves.
Cost-effectiveness with digital solutions
With better automation, customer retention, security, and data-driven fintech decisions, your business can enjoy reduced costs to cater to the same customer needs.
Quicker financial approvals
These digital solutions help reduce the approval time from days to a few seconds. With the latest fintech software development techniques, your organization can implement a digital solution for all financial operations.
Highly regulated tech for risk management
Regardless of being new, fintech software development solutions are highly regulated by risk management and governance tools. We have all the necessary experiences for powering your financial institution.
Security without any compromises
Used security solutions are always up to date according to the technology advancement and the latest market standards. So, no loopholes are left in your system.
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Our IT engineers use advanced technologies and approach to build a robust product for your business.

Fintech software development Solutions we provide

We focus on the solutions essential for your business’s fintech product requirements. Everything we build is deployed in the cloud environment to ensure better performance statistics for every business. Here are the fintech software development solutions we provide.

Web and mobile application development
UI/UX design
Cybersecurity services
Blockchain services

This is how our fintech app development
process looks like

Idea Discussion
Our team begins with discussing new business goals you want to achieve with the fintech product.
Business Analysis
We analyze current business processes and needs.
Desired State Modeling
Once we define the business process and its needs, we improve our findings.
Solution Design
An optimal solution is selected and approved to meet all your business’s current and new requirements.
Architecture Design
Our experts create the software and coordinate improvements with you.
Software Development
The final step involves fintech software development that is done iteratively for consistency and quality control.
CDE Case Study
End-to-End Development for currency exchange service system
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Why choose us?

By choosing us to build a fintech product matching your business’s needs, you can benefit from each team member’s deep knowledge and experience. We have the skills and a proven track record from several world-leading companies, including promising startups for whom we created a custom fintech product to enhance customer and employee experience.


Find out more about our clients experience of working with Ficus Technologies and its results for their business.

Pavel Ivascenko
Pavel Ivascenko
Co-Founder at Vera&Paul
They take the time to understand your business and goals before diving into the project. The team is very thoughtful in making sure the service they deliver is exactly what you desire. They also bring their experience to the table to help them think things through.
Oleg Ghecean
Oleg Ghecean
Founder of CAD Technicians
They can easily bring someone on board who is up to speed really quickly. The depth and breadth of their technical talent stand out. When they bring on someone new, like when we decided to add the backend work, they came on board and added a significant contribution early on. It didn’t take weeks before they were making progress.
Julian Milinkovskyi
Julian Milinkovskyi
Founder of Puzzle-DMS
What impressed me the most was how thorough Ficus Technologies was. After we discussed the solution, they would come back to me with a list of everything that they got from the conversation, what needed to be executed, and what the timeline was. Their project management was phenomenal to go along with being the best programmers I’ve ever worked with.
Shlomi Shpirer
Shlomi Shpirer
Senior Project Manager at Fiverr
They really understood the qualities that we look for in our positions, both professionally and culturally, and that is definitely so special and admired. All the candidates that were submitted to us were great and had true potential, as opposed to other agencies’ leads.
Tamir Kaplan
Tamir Kaplan
Head of Operations at K Health
During the period of cooperation, Ficus Technologies showed great engagement from the very beginning of cooperation. There was ongoing communication between our team and the team of recruiters, so we were kept up to date with all the details of the project. They were supportive, open to talk, and ready to adjust the hiring process to our needs. We are very satisfied with the candidates recommended by Ficus Technologies.
Olena Kryvenko
Olena Kryvenko
Executive on behalf of Kolo
Ficus Technologies designed a website that is visually appealing, user-friendly, and easy to navigate that beautifully reflects our organization’s mission and values. Ficus Technologies also provided exceptional development services to ensure that the website ran smoothly and efficiently.
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