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Get our best healthcare software development services to automate your workflows, provide remote assistance, and improve your patient’s outcome. We provide feature and innovation-rich medical software development solutions for every sector. We are here to provide you with reliable, higher-quality, and cost-effective healthcare software development services. You can get cutting-edge and robust software services from us.

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Benefits of the Healthcare software development

Customers now prefer the approach of monitoring and improving their health and wellness proactively. Any healthcare software product by Ficus Technologies is here to improve patient care, lessen the administrative workload, better management, and make your services more efficient. Here are the key advantages of healthcare software development you must know:

More productive
The software can automate different tedious tasks and make teams more productive.
Healthcare software solutions provide lifesaving automation for medical sectors. The software can reduce the burden on medical care providers by automating different tasks.
Healthcare software is faster
Healthcare software can ensure faster and more accurate patient records access. Consequently, they have improved access to appropriate care.
Quick synchronization
EHRs can ensure a quick synchronization of patient information and provide instant access to the records.
Consider formalities done
We will implement the software necessary for the development of your business.
Managing tasks
Using healthcare software solutions, you can manage different tasks, from maintaining individual appointment scheduling to maintaining EHRs, billing, and more.
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Our IT engineers use advanced technologies and approach to build a robust product for your business.

Healthcare Software development
Solutions which we provide

We will implement the software necessary for the development of your business.

Patient and provider portals
HIS & practice management
software solutions
EMR/EHR applications
Mobile Healthcare

This is how our Healthcare app development
process looks like

Our customized healthcare software development process is designed for the customer’s convenience. From generating an idea to planning software design and managing architecture and development, we keep integrating technologies to improve clients’ experience throughout the development life cycle. Here are the key steps involved in our healthcare software development process:

Software planning
The first step in developing a solution is planning. Our business analyst will analyze your target audience, their behavior, and their needs to determine your software requirements. Moreover, they will analyze functional and financial requirements to move further.
Getting business insights
Our experts will gain insights into your business to analyze your system requirements. They will consider your business model to develop the best possible solutions with all the integrated functionalities you need.
Creating design
Our UI and UX designers will now map consumers’ journey to creating an intuitive and appealing software design. They will also work passionately to develop the best-looking interface elements. So that achieving a visually sleek design can become possible.
Starting development
The skilled developers of Ficus Technologies will start the development process here. They will work dedicatedly to deliver your project on time in an iterative approach. We can also help you to integrate your healthcare software with your existing IT infrastructure for added benefits.
Software testing
Before making any major release, our team thoroughly tests your software modules. This practice helps them to deliver error-free healthcare software on the go.
Support and maintenance
The support team of Ficus Technologies will keep monitoring and managing the healthcare solutions we offer.
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Harness the power of custom Healthcare software development services to boost your business

The global healthcare software market is growing significantly with continuous technological evolution. Customer healthcare software development can boost the productivity and efficiency of your hospital or healthcare organization. With these first-rate solutions, you can upgrade your healthcare consulting and patient consulting services. Here is how you can harness the power of custom healthcare software development services to boost your services:

Increased healthcare services productivity
We provide software development services for the healthcare sector, which scopes increased scalability. These solutions can bring various benefits to all companies operating in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, our custom software solution can help healthcare service providers increase the accessibility, productivity, scalability, and portability of their services. These are especially beneficial for precision medicine, mobile health, and telehealth development.
Patient-centric and technology-powered custom healthcare software development
Ficus Technologies lets the healthcare sector leverage healthcare software services. Our custom development solutions can help you boost patients’ outcomes. So you can ensure better customer care, personalized patient service, and automated workflow. Ficus Technologies can be your trusted partner for all your custom medical software development needs.
Innovative healthcare software development solutions
Ficus Technologies doesn’t only help its customers to get affordable software development for their healthcare business, but also ensures to provide you with top-notch and innovative solutions. Moreover, you can discuss your requirements and needs with our team to adjust your innovative software to your business needs. Our solutions feature cloud storage, seamless backend integrations, and regulatory compliance.
Curate the best medical and healthcare consulting systems with changing clients’ needs
Modern patients are becoming more demanding. Therefore, Ficus Technologies provides you with précised and effective software solutions. Consequently, you can provide better care, more convenience, and affordability at every care stage.
Custom healthcare software development solutions for the overall healthcare ecosystem
Ficus Technologies is one of the superb healthcare software systems providers. Companies operating in the healthcare sector can benefit from our innovative and feature-rich healthcare software development services. On top of that, we can build future-ready software solutions for the healthcare industry.
Always here to serve you
Whether you need a standalone custom healthcare software development solution or an enterprise solution, Ficus Technologies is always here to serve you with the best healthcare software development services. All our solutions are designed for your unique individual needs and for optimal Return on Investment.


Find out more about our clients experience of working with Ficus Technologies and its results for their business.

Pavel Ivascenko
Pavel Ivascenko
Co-Founder at Vera&Paul
They take the time to understand your business and goals before diving into the project. The team is very thoughtful in making sure the service they deliver is exactly what you desire. They also bring their experience to the table to help them think things through.
Oleg Ghecean
Oleg Ghecean
Founder of CAD Technicians
They can easily bring someone on board who is up to speed really quickly. The depth and breadth of their technical talent stand out. When they bring on someone new, like when we decided to add the backend work, they came on board and added a significant contribution early on. It didn’t take weeks before they were making progress.
Julian Milinkovskyi
Julian Milinkovskyi
Founder of Puzzle-DMS
What impressed me the most was how thorough Ficus Technologies was. After we discussed the solution, they would come back to me with a list of everything that they got from the conversation, what needed to be executed, and what the timeline was. Their project management was phenomenal to go along with being the best programmers I’ve ever worked with.
Shlomi Shpirer
Shlomi Shpirer
Senior Project Manager at Fiverr
They really understood the qualities that we look for in our positions, both professionally and culturally, and that is definitely so special and admired. All the candidates that were submitted to us were great and had true potential, as opposed to other agencies’ leads.
Tamir Kaplan
Tamir Kaplan
Head of Operations at K Health
During the period of cooperation, Ficus Technologies showed great engagement from the very beginning of cooperation. There was ongoing communication between our team and the team of recruiters, so we were kept up to date with all the details of the project. They were supportive, open to talk, and ready to adjust the hiring process to our needs. We are very satisfied with the candidates recommended by Ficus Technologies.
Olena Kryvenko
Olena Kryvenko
Executive on behalf of Kolo
Ficus Technologies designed a website that is visually appealing, user-friendly, and easy to navigate that beautifully reflects our organization’s mission and values. Ficus Technologies also provided exceptional development services to ensure that the website ran smoothly and efficiently.
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