Have you ever heard of stress-free recruiting? One that allows you to shrug off the flow of unqualified or inappropriate specialists and find the one you need, bypassing all the circles of hell?

Implement all your grandiose projects without worrying about the right specialists − Ficus Technologies Inc. will find them for you.

Our IT Staffing & Recruitment services allow you to access our huge database and deep network of existing contacts in various industries and take advantage of our latest recruitment technologies.

We fully immerse ourselves in your business in order to accurately understand the priorities and goals and find those very specialists who:

  • Help you create a new IT infrastructure
  • Build the basis for starting a new project
  • Reduce the burden on an existing team
  • Fill specific technological knowledge gaps
  • Optimize operations and workflow

The benefits of stress-free recruiting have already been appreciated by our clients such as KHealth, Fiverr, and Wix, whom we have helped to close hot vacancies as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, you only pay when the vacancy is closed. No prepayments or fees for databases, in which there may not be a specialist you need. Payment only after approval of the completed work. Fair play.

Sergey Miroshnychenko
My company has assisted hundreds of businesses in scaling engineering teams and developing new software solutions from the ground up. Let’s connect.