A talent hunt is not an issue for any project in a global village without geographical boundaries. Most IT companies outsource their complex projects by having a dedicated development team. In this setting, the client’s company and vendor collaborate while working on a project.

From website development to business scaling projects, you get entirely focused efforts from highly skilled professionals with this partnership. Here we will see various aspects you must know when hiring a dedicated development team for specific projects.

What Is Meant by Dedicated Development Team?

When we use the dedicated with any development team, it means that the members of this group are selected after proper scrutiny based on specialized knowledge and skills. Moreover, such teams are responsible for one type of project at a time, and all team members will be considered client company employees during the project. Such arrangements are standard for IT or, specifically, software-related assignments.

Perks of Recruiting Dedicated Development Team

Companies prefer a dedicated development team for complex projects instead of taking help from their employees because of the following perks:


Such highly skilled employees are paid hourly, which you decide in the contract. This reduces the cost of employment. You don’t have to pay extra benefits like bonuses, employment support programs, etc., like in the case of in-house employees. Moreover, enterprises don’t have to conduct training sessions for the hired team as they already understand the job well.

Versatile Skills and Expertise

When you look outside your organization of talents, you will get diversity and more experiences. So, you are accessible to geographical boundaries when you hire a dedicated development team from an IT vendor supplier. So, you have access to a versatile pool of talent.


With outsourcing projects, you have complete control over the performance of milestones and the spending of the resources. The vendors and software development team members collaborate with the client company on regular bases with the help of various online tools. You can check the progress of your project anytime over the internet.

Structure of Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team

The structure and number of software development team members vary with the nature of the project. If we take a general approach, the number of members ranges from 6 to 8 people. The following can be part of such a team:

  • A project manager who manages the deadlines of significant milestones and the project’s progress.
  • A business analyst takes care of the technical specifications of the project.
  • UI/ UX designers deal with design interface-related issues.
  • Software developers, including front and back end, deal with the visual aspect of the project and server issues, respectively.
  • QA specialists are responsible for pinpointing any technical errors in the product and resolving them.
  • DevOps Experts ensure collaboration with QA socialists and other software development team members.

Ideal Places to hire Dedicated Development Team

Finding a reliable vendor company is a must for getting the desired results. However, some platforms are famous worldwide for providing a highly skilled workforce for any project. Some of them are the following:

  • IT Firms 
  • GoodFirms
  • DesignRush
  • Ficus Technologies
  • Upwork etc

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Essential Aspects to Consider when Looking for a Development Team

When you hire a dedicated development team, consider all the following things before finagling its team members:

  • Set your project’s requirements.
  • Search the market
  • Look for alternative options to hire a dedicated development team
  • Check the qualifications of each member of the most qualified team
  • See project related past work experience
  • Past customers’ reviews

How to Conduct an Interview for a Dedicated Team

This is the most critical part of IT recruitment, as it tells you about the capabilities of any dedicated development team. You can make a practical question-and-answer session by keeping the following things in mind:

  • Inquire about similar work experience
  • Construct a questionnaire with relevant questions about your project’s major milestones.
  • Ask about the possibilities of your project’s solution.
  • Conduct online meetings with the vendors or the project manager to know their caliber.

Role of Ficus Technologies in the hiring process of a Dedicated Development team

Ficus Technologies is a reliable company trusted worldwide by top-rated enterprises for their complex projects. We help companies get a software development team that is well aware of digital technology. Moreover, it guides you in the best way to improve your existing products and develop new ones.

Final Words

Getting a dedicated development team is the best approach for startups and complex projects. With a talent pool all around the world, you have the opportunity to fulfill the milestones of any project efficiently and effectively. To hire dedicated development teams, get help from reliable platforms to make professionals your partners in meeting your firm’s commitments.

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