Outsourcing programming projects means you want high-quality delivery on time without exceeding your budget. Companies and large enterprises in almost every business sector or industry find programming outsourcing more efficient than in-house hiring. According to Statista, 92% of companies have actively acquired IT help through outsourcing in 2019. On the other hand, over $21.6 Billion was spent in the same year on outsourced IT contracts in North America. As a co-founder or CEO, managing time and writing code without bugs and errors are nearly impossible. So, whether you are running a large enterprise or a startup, this guide will help you understand the ins and outs of programming outsourcing and how to do it flawlessly.

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What Is Programming Outsourcing?

Delegating or outsourcing programming activities to external vendors specializing in software development or app development is known as programming outsourcing. Thanks to global digitalization, businesses can boost their software development capability by leveraging the expertise of skilled programmers worldwide. However, it’s a commonly accepted practice that allows companies to add valuable work and have a reliable team without spending more than the budget.

Critical Benefits Of Outsourced Programming

When you know companies like Google, Whatsapp, and Alibaba adopt outsourced programming, you may wonder how advantageous it is. Well, we have mentioned some significant benefits of outsourced programming below.

It’s Affordable

One significant benefit of remote developers and outsourced programmers is that they are cost-effective. While living in countries like the UK or USA can cost you a fortune to develop an app or work on other projects from an in-house development team.

But it’s worth it when you outsource the same work to remote developers worldwide and still get the best quality code at cheaper rates!

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Outsourcing Programming Gives You Financial Stability

Another significant benefit of outsourced programming is that it allows you to maintain a lean and high-quality team. While hiring in-house developers, you have to fix salaries with benefits which becomes a financial obligation at some point. However, while working with remote developers, you only pay for the work with fixed remunerations without spending any extra bucks.

5 Simple Steps To Outsource App Development

Having an off-shore development team comes with several benefits. But the real question is finding the proper outsourced app development budget and requirements. Here’s a step-by-step guide to understanding how!

1 – Specify Your Business Needs

The beginning stage of hiring remote developers is knowing your business’s and project’s core needs. If you are testing the market with variable products or services, you need technical assistance to secure the feasibility and potential of your idea. On the other hand, your business needs and the type of remote developers you want may also differ. So, the best way to get started on outsourcing app development is to list your requirements and main goal and move on to the next step.

2 – Evaluate The Employment Model

Once you have a clear picture of the web development project you need, it would be great to understand which employment model would suit you. Another vital thing to know here is if you have a precise specification about what needs to be done, you can hire a fixed-price outsourced programmer. However, if you are still determining the final product you are building, we recommend not hiring a fixed-price team. A dedicated team of developers would be costly and only suitable if you had a clear idea.

3 – Choosing The Right Country To Outsource App Development

Deliverables, productivity, and ease of communication will affect your choice of outsourcing destination. Working with developers who do not speak your language is counterproductive, so do not just base your decision on price. It is one of the top choices for outsourcing programming for western businesses. Ukraine is not only home to a large pool of top tech talent, but it also shares a familiar working culture. 

4 – Verify The Expertise Of Outsourced Programmers

Be aware while handpicking remote developers because sometimes they aren’t what they claim to be. The best way to evaluate and verify one developer’s skillset is to dive deep into his past projects, client feedback, skills, etc. On the other hand, ensure that the agency of outsourced programmers you’re hiring has the relevant expertise and experience with a solid track record.

5 – Hire & Get Started

The hiring process begins once you’re satisfied with your outsourced programmers. Prepare a contract outlining the collaboration terms and ensure both parties are on board. Make sure payment terms, project duration, and working models are specified. Then, make the hire.


Programming outsourcing is a growing tendency to develop in the future IT world, and it’s ascertained to be enormously profitable, especially for startups. Outsourcing web development tasks to the right vendor can be beneficial, cost-saving, and high-quality.

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