Dive into the world of React Native component libraries for a powerful mobile app development experience. Featuring out-of-the-box, reusable UI and API components customized for React Native, these libraries are the foundation for efficient development. Discover strategic benefits such as accelerated development, a unified UI, and cross-platform compatibility. Discover the best in the league, from the refined elegance of React Native UI Kitten to the versatile functionality of NativeBase. Enhance your skills with leaders like React Native VisionCamera and explore the diverse landscape of Nachos UI. Unlock the potential to build React Native component libraries that are redefining mobile app development.

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  • React Native libraries accelerate app development, reducing redundancy and enhancing efficiency.
  • Achieve a consistent look and feel across platforms effortlessly.
  • Elevate your projects with our expertise in React Native libraries.

What is a Component Library?

The React Native component library is a comprehensive set of pre-built, reusable UI and API components customized for the React Native framework. These libraries simplify development by encapsulating UI functionality such as buttons, inputs, lists, and models into reusable building blocks. By abstracting user interface code, they eliminate redundancy, speeding up application development. In addition to components, these libraries offer color palette and typography theming capabilities, APIs for handling user input and saving data, and essential tools such as CLIs and debuggers. In essence, a component library for React Native serves as a toolkit, providing ready-made UI code, design systems, and tools to make development more efficient.

React Native lets you build your app faster. Instead of recompiling, you can reload your app instantly.

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Why Use React Native Component Libraries

Using React Native component libraries is a strategic choice that simplifies development and accelerates the creation of full-featured mobile applications with a great user experience. Recognized as one of the best React Native component libraries, these libraries offer a number of advantages:

  • Accelerated development – Off-the-shelf components reduce repetitive user interface tasks, speeding up application development.
  • Unified UI – Off-the-shelf components provide a unified look and feel for applications.
  • Best Practices – Expert-built components are aligned with React Native best practices.
  • Cross-platform – Components work seamlessly on iOS and Android, adopting platform-specific aesthetics.
  • Customizability – Most libraries make it easy to create styles for brand-appropriate interfaces.
  • Regular Improvement – Active community support ensures that component libraries are constantly being improved.
  • Feature-rich – Access to an extensive set of components, from buttons to charts.
  • Native experience – Optimized components provide high performance and native experience.
  • TypeScript support – Libraries such as React Native Elements offer built-in TypeScript definitions to enhance type safety.
  • Easy to learn – Robust documentation promotes quick adoption, making these libraries an invaluable asset to professional  React Native developers.

Component Libraries You Should Try for Your Next React Native Build

Discover Top React Native Component Libraries for Your Next Project. From the stylish UI components of React Native UI Kitten to the comprehensive features of NativeBase, these libraries are essential for seamless and efficient development.

React Native UI Kitten

React Native UI Kitten logo

React Native UI Kitten stands out among the best React Native component libraries as a refined and adaptable gem. With over 60 high-quality cross-platform components carefully designed according to Google’s Material Design specification, UI Kitten offers an unparalleled experience in mobile user interface development. Its appeal lies in its easily customizable themes, from color schemes to typography, providing a pixel-perfect implementation of Material Design. UI Kitten has extras like 480+ Eva icons, advanced components like Datepicker and Carousel, and stable APIs documented for clarity. UI Kitten is based on TypeScript, providing autocompletion and type-checking to improve the development experience.

React Native Paper

React Native Paper logo

React Native Paper is the pinnacle among the best React Native component libraries, carefully crafting components in harmony with the Material Design specification for iOS and Android apps. Emerging as a React Native adaptation of Google’s Material Components web components, React Native Paper stands out for its commitment to rich theming options and adherence to Material Design principles, enhancing the quality of mobile app development. With Material Theming including customizable color, typography, and shape schemes, cross-platform functionality, a set of core components such as buttons and cards, and advanced features such as dialogs and banners, React Native Paper stands out as a powerful community-supported TypeScript tool, providing better type safety and editor autocompletion. The library’s commitment extends to creating beautiful, smooth, themed animations, demonstrating its commitment to improving the mobile app development experience.

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NativeBase logo

NativeBase stands out as an influential competitor among the best React Native component libraries, with a strong emphasis on cross-platform functionality to create polished and seamless user interfaces. NativeBase, which is distinguished by its commitment to iOS and Android-specific design principles, provides a complete set of core user interface components. Simplifying the process of creating themes, it provides a universal toolkit for creating consistent design systems. Going forward, NativeBase extends support for mobile- and accessibility-oriented components to meet the needs of theme-based design systems optimized for both light and dark modes. NativeBase is the best choice for developers looking to create React Native component libraries that transcend platforms, covering both basic and advanced components such as skeletons and toasts.

React Native Elements

React Native Elements logo

React Native Elements (RNE) is a cornerstone among the best React Native component libraries, widely adopted for its versatility in mobile user interface development. RNE includes over 60 cross-platform components ranging from basic input forms and buttons to complex widgets such as ratings and tags. Ideal for rapid mobile development, RNE makes it easy to create polished user interfaces with pre-built components that accommodate everything from simple buttons to complex widgets and input assistants. With seamless cross-platform compatibility, flexible theming for personalized design, and a wide range of features, RNE is a great choice for developers looking to create React Native component libraries that integrate seamlessly with iOS and Android.

React Native Material Kit

The React Native Material Kit is a benchmark in UI design and is among the best React. 

Native component libraries due to its seamless integration of Google’s Material Design guidelines. Offering a variety of user-friendly components, this kit ensures that Material Design principles are easily implemented in React Native applications. With advanced components directly from the Material specification, such as Bottom Navigation and FAB, it provides a consistent and polished look and feel across cross-platform environments, harmonizing aesthetics on both Android and iOS. With a modular structure that allows only core elements to be imported, the React Native Material Kit helps developers minimize bloat while providing a customizable experience by allowing styles to be overridden or themed across the entire set of components. Enriched with a diverse set of 600+ Material icon options, this kit is an indispensable tool for developers looking to create React Native component libraries that seamlessly incorporate Material Design principles.


RNUI is an indispensable toolkit and component library in the realm of React Native component libraries, providing a set of basic and essential components such as buttons, cards, and avatars. Setting itself apart from others, RNUI includes pre-installed advanced components such as color selection, tooltips and drawer, tag introductions, wizard, animated scanner, and animated images. This cross-platform library boasts out-of-the-box availability and RTL support (right-to-left), ensuring smooth operation across multiple platforms. With a wide range of predefined constants, presets, and layout modifiers, RNUI allows developers to smoothly align content on the application screen and has established itself as a versatile choice for those looking to build React Native component libraries with a rich set of features.

React Native Vector Icon

React Native Vector Icons holds a prominent place among the best React Native component libraries, simplifying the integration of popular icon packs such as Material Icons, FontAwesome, and Octicons. Designed to meet a variety of iconography needs, React Native Vector Icons simplifies the process of incorporating thousands of icons into applications effortlessly. With a collection of 10 versatile icon packs available for seamless import, this library provides a seamless experience. It boasts automatic font loading, facilitating the automatic loading of icon fonts with minimal customization and an independent nature that allows it to be used stand-alone without dependence on other libraries. For developers looking to create React Native component libraries enriched with diverse and easily accessible iconography, React Native Vector Icons is an invaluable resource.

Lottie, for React Native

React Native Material Kit

Lottie for React Native is one of the top leaders among React Native component libraries, created by Airbnb and offering seamless integration of interactive vector graphics known as Lottie Animations. This open-source gem makes it easy to deploy beautiful animations and effects across platforms thanks to a dedicated React Native module. Lottie for React Native is great for a variety of applications, from complex animated splash pages and loading indicators to enhancing the user interface with animated illustrations. It also allows you to integrate micro-interactions to provide feedback through taps, taps, and swipes, as well as add subtle animations to app backgrounds. For developers looking to create React Native component libraries adorned with engaging animations, Lottie for React Native is an indispensable tool.

React Native Gifted Chat

gifted chat

React Native Gifted Chat is an exceptional choice among React Native component libraries that makes integrating chat functionality into applications remarkably easy. With unparalleled simplicity, every component in this library is fully customizable. From composer actions and profile avatar creation to text input, message uploading, and message copying, React Native Gifted Chat provides a seamless and personalized chat experience. Its versatility extends to extending bot functionality, making it an indispensable tool for developers looking to create React Native component libraries that enhance the user experience with robust and customizable chat features.

React Native Snap Carousel is a key asset in the React Native component libraries area, providing a versatile solution for presenting collections of images as a gallery. Known for their effectiveness in providing smooth navigation through horizontally and vertically displayed images, carousels are a favorite method of presenting content on a variety of mobile devices. Recognized as one of the best React Native component libraries, React Native Snap Carousel offers an extensive API that includes plug-and-play properties and various layout patterns. It also allows developers to implement custom interpolations and animations, making it an indispensable tool for those looking to сreate React Native component libraries with advanced image display capabilities.

React Native Maps

React Native Maps is a key resource for React Native component libraries, offering seamless integration for displaying maps and related features such as markers, polygons, and overlays in React Native applications. This library is indispensable for mobile applications requiring geolocation, route planning, or displaying event locations. Of note is the cross-platform MapView, map rendering on both iOS and Android, and the ability to customize markers with animations, styles, and callbacks. In addition, React Native Maps supports geolocation, providing the user’s current location via GPS devices, as well as various components such as polylines, polygons, circles, callouts, and overlays. With additional APIs for geocoding, offline caching, and traffic information, React Native Maps is a top choice among the best React Native component libraries for developers looking to create React Native component libraries with robust mapping capabilities.

Ignite CLI

ignite 1024x557

Ignite CLI leads the world of React Native component libraries, providing a robust starter kit that speeds up the launch of projects and makes it easy to create components, screens, reducers, and more. This CLI tool saves time by allowing you to quickly generate template code, including components, screens, and Redux modules, to speed up development. Ignite CLI has key features such as comprehensive project generation for creating new applications with pre-configured parameters, universal component generation for dumb, smart, and global components, screen generation complete with stylesheets and tests, and seamless Redux generation, including reducers and action creators. With built-in API support for seamless integration with Rest and other APIs, Ignite CLI stands among the best React Native component libraries and is the top choice for developers looking to quickly create React Native component libraries with well-organized and customizable project structures.

React Native VisionCamera

React Native VisionCamera is a cornerstone among React Native component libraries, carefully crafted to cover all the core features of a robust camera application. This library allows developers to configure parameters such as frame rate and color space, providing a customized and optimized camera experience. In addition to its rich feature set, VisionCamera focuses on ease of integration, providing hooks and features to speed up the development process without overwhelming users. Thorough documentation combined with fully typed errata and TypeScript support ensures a seamless experience with compile-time feedback. As a leader among the best React Native component libraries, React Native VisionCamera is a valuable resource for developers looking to quickly create React Native component libraries with advanced camera functionality.

Nachos UI

Nachos UI stands out among React Native component libraries by providing a treasure trove of ready-to-use UI components to simplify development. Favoring simplicity, Nachos UI offers components that are easy to implement and style, making it an ideal choice for projects with tight development schedules. With over 30 pre-installed components, this library is great for cross-platform application development based on React Native and extends its capabilities to the web with React Native for Web. As a testament to community collaboration, Nachos UI is open source, encouraging developers to create React Native component libraries by adding their own components. While the components are delivered out-of-the-box, they remain fully customizable to fit different project needs.


In conclusion, diving into the realm of React Native component libraries opens the door to a world of optimized development and unmatched user experience. These libraries, containing reusable UI and API components, not only speed up the development process but also ensure consistency and native experiences across iOS and Android platforms. From the subtle elegance of React Native UI Kitten to the versatile functionality of NativeBase and the interactive animations of Lottie for React Native, the choices are vast to meet a variety of developer needs.

When starting to build React Native component libraries, don’t forget the strategic benefits they provide, such as faster development, a unified user interface, and compliance with React Native best practices. To improve the efficiency of your React Native projects, leverage the expertise of Ficus Technologies. Our team specializes in harnessing the power of the best React Native component libraries, ensuring that your applications are not only feature-rich but also optimized for a comfortable and natural user experience. Let Ficus Technologies be your trusted partner in building exceptional React Native applications.

Where can I get React Native components?

You can find React Native components on platforms like GitHub and npm and dedicated websites such as React Native Market. Explore open-source repositories, npm packages, and online marketplaces to discover a wide range of pre-built components that suit your app development needs. These platforms offer a diverse selection of components, from UI elements to advanced functionalities, allowing you to enhance your React Native projects with efficiency and ease.

Are these libraries customizable to fit my project’s design requirements?

Absolutely, React Native component libraries are highly customizable to align with your project’s design requirements. These libraries provide extensive styling options, allowing you to adapt and modify components to match your app’s unique aesthetics. With a combination of predefined themes, styling props, and the flexibility of React Native’s styling capabilities, you can easily tailor these components to achieve the desired look and feel. Whether it’s adjusting colors, fonts, or layouts, the customizable nature of these libraries empowers you to create a cohesive and personalized design language for your React Native project.

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