A website will help in flourishing your business. More people will learn about your business, company, brand, or any other services you offer. You will see quite a WordPress theme to give your website an impressive touch. Various free WordPress themes are available, but you must choose the best free WordPress theme to design an attractive website. 

As mentioned above, various free WordPress theme options are available, but you must select the best one. Here are the ten free WordPress themes from which you can choose your free WordPress theme to design a website:


Astra is considered one of the best free WordPress themes. This theme is the best because it is free, it is customizable, you will have plenty of template choices, and it will help beginners learn about the world of website design. 


After Astra, the second theme on the list is OceanWP. It is also a popular free WordPress theme because it comes with 15 free theme demos that are responsive for every type of website. You can use this theme for your blog and business websites as well.


Neve is a multipurpose fast WordPress theme with a page size of 32.4KB. This theme is compatible with WordPress-accelerated mobile pages, and it will help make the mobile loading speed even faster, and for that, you will have to use stripped-down HTML files. 

Hello Elementor

If you are searching for a free WordPress theme that would work for your Elementor page plugin builder, then Hello Elementor is the answer. It is a lightweight free WordPress theme that most developers use to test the updates and new versions of the page builder. 


The rating of Rishi is 5 out of 5, and it is a newly introduced performance-based WordPress theme. With a total page size of 85.7 KB, when this theme was tested with GTMetrix, the primary theme took 1.2 seconds to install.

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You might have got an idea from the name of this WordPress free theme what type of features you will have inside it. Customizr is one of the most responsive and fast themes of all time. You can look at the user experience of any smartphone app on any cellphone website. 


Vantage is also a free WordPress theme that is responsive and compatible with various editing tools, such as the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin. The rating of this theme is 4.5 out of 5. Vantage supports 50 custom widgets, including headlines, an accordion menu, and hero sliders. 


If you don’t want to waste your time using a slow free WordPress theme and are looking for a fast and responsive theme, consider Zara. It is AMP-ready and fully responsive, so you don’t have to waste time while designing websites.

One Page Express

It is a modern page theme WordPress that comes with 30 content sections. Those content sections are customizable while using a drag-and-drop editor. The content section includes customer testimonials, a contact form, and many other elements that would help you develop a WordPress site. 


If you are searching for a free WordPress theme compatible with several page builders, then you can consider Blocksy. It is a lightweight free WordPress theme you can use while building websites with different page builders. This theme has a dark mode option and a real-time preview, and Blocksy has a built-in drag and drops header builder.

What Is the Fastest Free WordPress Theme?

You don’t want to waste time on any slow theme while designing your website. Therefore, you should go for the fastest free WordPress theme, Bizberg. You should know about the features of one of the fastest free WordPress themes. So, let’s talk about them now:


It is a responsive theme for building a business website 

Bizberg has a performance grade of 86 because its load time is 2.78 seconds

Which Free WordPress Theme is the Most Customizable?

If you want to find one of the best free WordPress themes to customize to design your website, then you need to consider Astra. This WordPress theme has various features to help you quickly and conveniently design the website. 

How to choose a suitable WordPress Theme?

Well, let’s talk about the Dos and don’t s that you have to pay attention to while you are looking for the perfect WordPress theme to design a website:

Make a list of features you will require

Pen down all the features you need right now or in the future to help design the perfect layout to build your website. Never choose a WordPress theme randomly; just because it is free doesn’t mean you can consider it in designing your site.

Never install any random theme that looks cool.

Check the WordPress theme’s performance; you will know about it when you look for the rating. It will help if you read the theme reviews before installing it because only some cool themes will work for your website design.

A responsive theme would be a good option.

Whether a free WordPress theme or paid, it has to be fast. You can check that the requests to download the theme will tell whether you need to download it.

Visual appearance matters a lot.

You will require a free WordPress theme with an impressive visual appearance.

You should check the visual appearance of the free WordPress theme from all other free WordPress themes. 

A premium WordPress theme has to be your preference

There are free WordPress themes, but you might not get the features you have been looking for. Therefore, it would be wise to start looking for a paid WordPress theme to enjoy premium features.

Never consider a theme with a hard-to-read font

The last tip to help you choose the best free WordPress theme is never to go for a WordPress theme whose font is hard to read. Sometimes the theme might look attractive, but the theme’s font could be better. Therefore, always look for the perfect font while looking for one of the best free WordPress themes.

What is the best free WordPress theme for beginners?

Astra is the best free WordPress theme for beginners. Astra is a free WordPress theme, and you don’t have to learn much about it as you can get started with it and then learn newer things.

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