Your business will grow if you have a website. More individuals will become aware of your enterprise, organization, brand, or any other services you provide. You’ll find a sizable selection of WordPress themes to add an amazing touch to your website. Many free WordPress themes are accessible, but to create an appealing website, you must select the finest free WordPress theme.

As was already said, there are several free WordPress theme alternatives accessible; nonetheless, you must choose the ideal one. The following list contains ten free WordPress themes from which you may select one to design a website:

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One of the top free WordPress themes is called Astra. The greatest theme is this one since it’s free, adaptable, offers a wide variety of template options, and aids beginners in exploring the world of website creation.

astra wordpress theme


OceanWP is the next theme on the list after Astra. It is also a well-liked free WordPress theme since it offers 15 responsive free theme demos for different kinds of websites. This theme is suitable for both personal and corporate websites.

ocean wordpress theme


Neve is a versatile, quick WordPress theme with a 32.4KB page size. You must utilize HTML files with minimal formatting in order to use this theme with WordPress-accelerated mobile pages, which will assist in making the loading time even faster.

neve wordpress theme

Hello Elementor

Hello Elementor is the solution if you’re looking for a free WordPress theme that will function with your Elementor page plugin builder. Most developers try out upgrades and new iterations of the page builder on this small, free WordPress theme.

elementor wordpress theme


Rishi is a recently released performance-based WordPress theme with a 5 out of 5 rating. When this theme was put through a GTMetrix installation test, the main theme took 1.2 seconds to install and had an overall page size of 85.7 KB.

rishi wordpress theme

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The name of this free WordPress theme may have given you a hint of its features. One of the all-time responsive and quick themes is Customizr. On any mobile website, you may examine the user experience of any smartphone app.

customizr wordpress theme


Vintage is another responsive free WordPress theme that works with various editors, including the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin. This theme received a score of 4.5 out of 5. A hero slider, an accordion menu, and headlines are among the 50 custom widgets that Vintage offers.

winrage wordpress theme


Consider Zara if you want a quick and responsive WordPress theme rather than wasting time with a sluggish-free theme. You won’t have to waste time building websites because it is AMP-ready and completely responsive.

zara wordpress theme

One Page Express

It is a cutting-edge WordPress page theme that has 30 content areas. These content areas have a drag-and-drop editor for customization. Customer reviews, a contact form, and many more components that might help you create a WordPress site are included in the content area.

express wordpress theme


Consider Blocksy if you’re looking for a free WordPress theme that works with different page builders. It is a simple, free WordPress theme that you can use to create websites using a variety of page builders. The theme offers a real-time preview and a dark mode, and Blocksy includes a drag-and-drop header builder.

blocksy wordpress theme

What Is the Fastest Free WordPress Theme?

You don’t want to waste time on a sluggish theme when developing your website. Bizberg is the quickest free WordPress theme; thus, you should use it. One of the quickest free WordPress themes has several aspects you should know. So let’s discuss them now:


It is a responsive theme for building a business website 

Bizberg has a performance grade of 86 because its load time is 2.78 seconds

Which Free WordPress Theme is the Most Customizable?

If you want to find one of the best free WordPress themes to customize to design your website, then you need to consider Astra. This WordPress theme has various features to help you quickly and conveniently design the website. 

How to choose a suitable WordPress Theme?

Well, let’s talk about the Dos and don’t s that you have to pay attention to while you are looking for the perfect WordPress theme to design a website:

Make a list of features you will require

Pen down all the features you need right now or in the future to help design the perfect layout to build your website. Never choose a WordPress theme randomly; just because it is free doesn’t mean you can consider it in designing your site.

Never install any random theme that looks cool.

Check the WordPress theme’s performance; you will know about it when you look for the rating. It will help if you read the theme reviews before installing it because only some cool themes will work for your website design.

A responsive theme would be a good option.

Whether a free WordPress theme or paid, it has to be fast. You can check that the requests to download the theme will tell whether you need to download it.

Visual appearance matters a lot.

You will require a free WordPress theme with an impressive visual appearance.

You should check the visual appearance of the free WordPress theme from all other free WordPress themes. 

A premium WordPress theme has to be your preference

There are free WordPress themes, but you might not get the features you have been looking for. Therefore, it would be wise to start looking for a paid WordPress theme to enjoy premium features.

Never consider a theme with a hard-to-read font

The last tip to help you choose the best free WordPress theme is never to go for a WordPress theme whose font is hard to read. Sometimes the theme might look attractive, but the theme’s font could be better. Therefore, always look for the perfect font while looking for one of the best free WordPress themes.

What is the best free WordPress theme for beginners?

Astra is the best free WordPress theme for beginners. Astra is a free WordPress theme, and you don’t have to learn much about it as you can get started with it and then learn newer things.

Are there any truly free WordPress themes?

Yes, there are many truly free WordPress themes available. These themes are typically listed in the official WordPress Theme Repository. They are free to download, use, and modify, and they come with no licensing fees. However, it’s essential to note that while the themes themselves are free, you might incur costs for web hosting, domain registration, and any premium plugins or additional customization you choose to implement. Additionally, some free themes may offer premium versions or upsell features, so it’s important to review the theme’s documentation and licensing terms to understand any limitations or restrictions that may apply.

Can I use free WordPress themes for my business?

You may use free WordPress themes for your company, of course. A large selection of free themes are available on WordPress that can be suitable for various business types. These themes are designed to be functional and visually appealing. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

Customization: Free themes may have limited customization options compared to premium ones.

Support: Free themes may not offer extensive customer support, which can be a concern if you encounter issues.

Uniqueness: Since free themes are widely used, your website may not stand out as much compared to using a unique premium theme.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your budget, design needs, and long-term goals for your business website.

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