For those new to the term ‘Fintech,’ rest assured! You already use such software; you don’t realize which ones they are. Fintech stands for financial technology. Some examples of modern Fintech solutions include digital lending, digital payments, mobile banking, cryptocurrency, etc. Now, most users prefer not to go to a bank physically but to use digital Fintech software to conduct their financial transactions. The COVID-19 pandemic notably opened the doors to having a Fintech program and a software development team. Did you know? About 65.3% of Americans will have used digital banking services by 2022.

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  • Fintech software development teams comprise various roles with specific responsibilities.
  • Hiring a dedicated team with both hard and soft skills is crucial.
  • Ficus Technologies offers Fintech software development teams for project success.

FinTech Software Development Team and its Need in a Fintech Product Launch

A Fintech software development team comprises experts from different backgrounds who all contribute their skills to launch a Fintech product successfully. All members constructively contribute to a Fintech project. Each member is equally vital to the team regarding their skills and expertise in the overall project, whether an IT analyst or a UI/ UX designer.

The challenge is not just to build technology that can serve financial institutions, but to turn the industry into a technological industry.

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Roles and responsibilities needed for a team to have a successful Fintech Product Launch

To launch a great Fintech software program, many roles and responsibilities must be fulfilled. No team member is less important than the other in the whole software development team.

Product Owner

This individual defines the user requirements that must be included in a finished Fintech software product. He also determines the starting customer requirements to get the maximum value out of the final product. 

Scrum Master or Project Manager

A scrum master or project manager observes that the software development team knows all the pre-defined goals and is meeting them on time. They further monitor that the entire Fintech product development process proceeds within budget and with outstanding communication.

IT Business Analyst

IT Business analyst bridges the gap between having the latest Information Technology systems and meeting the business needs of a software development process. From monitoring the IT specialists to conferring with various business stakeholders, they play a vital role as essential developers.

Technical Lead

The technical lead is typically an expert in their field and deals with all the technical aspects of developing a Fintech software product. Additionally, they ensure the smooth running of the technical section. 

Developers and Software Engineers

Developers and Software Engineers design unique code for the new software. They are generally experts with strong problem-solving abilities and can fix and improve existing software products.

UI/ UX Designer

A UI/ UX designer explores how users will engage with a Fintech product, their preferences, and their dislikes. They also try to keep the user interface the same across mobile and web applications to better meet their users’ requirements. 

Quality Assurance Tester

In the Fintech software development team, a Quality Assurance Tester is a professional expert who tests the functionality and usability of new software before it goes live. They guide developers on the bugs that must be removed in the latest software creation process to provide a perfect final product to customers per their needs.

3 Steps to Hiring a Great Fintech Software Development Team

Follow the three steps below to hire the best Fintech software development team.

  • Go for a Dedicated Team 

The key to getting a perfect software development team for a Fintech product launch is to search and hire professionals with an extensive understanding of programming and cutting-edge technology. Those with experience designing Fintech software can start working on your project quickly with the right approach.

  • Check Your Team’s Hard Skills

To hire the best developers, you need to test the hard technical skills of your potential software development team. Great expertise and knowledge in blockchain, development, cybersecurity, finance, and statistics are needed here.

  • Test your Team’s Soft Skills

The Fintech industry is highly dynamic, requiring developers with exceptional soft skills. These include the remarkable ability to work under pressure, multitask, think outside the box, and much more. Such team members can help those who need to become more technically savvy through their excellent communication skills. 

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