In the field of software development, quality is the most crucial element and even the most important factor. There are many tests at all levels of functionality, compatibility, ease of use, etc. to check quality. In the event that the quality assurance manager has improperly organized the quality control process, this can lead to non-compliance with deadlines, necessarily dissatisfied customers, and other inconveniences. Therefore, quality assurance is essential and necessary for the success of any software development project.

Who is this article for?
Software developers, quality assurance managers, and anyone involved in software development.
Key takeaways
  • Quality assurance (QA) in software development is crucial for success.
  • QA involves planned activities to ensure software quality and compliance.
  • Benefits of QA include cost savings, user satisfaction, and reputation protection.

What is Quality Assurance (QA)?

Software Quality Assurance comprises a set of planned and systematized activities that provide an assessment of the software development process regarding its quality, correct implementation of processes, requirements, and development standards. Thus, the team and the quality assurance manager guarantee the client a product developed according to optimal quality standards and fully adapted to his business and personal needs.
The activities of the quality assurance manager and the team are applied to almost all stages of software development. To achieve this, a variety of steps are taken, encompassing topics like error detection, reviewing the processes used in the process, putting procedures and tools into place, as well as measurement and reporting.

The role of quality assurance in software development

The importance of software development with quality assurance contractors is not only given by the result of the final product. However, also because it guarantees to the client that the development company has a high ability to execute it at a lower cost and with good optimization, which makes it more viable and useful. In order to meet aspects and provide greater benefits to the client, the quality assurance manager and team meet the main SQA activities:

  • View products to verify procedures applied.
  • Identify errors in software functionality and logic.
  • Make sure it meets the requirements requested by the client.
  • Ensure that the software has been developed in an even and controlled manner.
  • Make the results of this analysis available to project management when needed for intervention.

Software quality assurance is a step that adds more value to a project itself, as ensuring that it is made to certain standards results in a much safer and more stable product. Also creating some benefits for quality assurance contractors, let’s look at them below:

  • Greater efficiency in the development process, reducing the probability of an increase in the execution time.
  • Cost reductions are presented because the risk of failure is reduced, so less maintenance and support costs are required.
  • Users will experience fewer or no problems while using the software, which increases the productivity of the activities performed with it.

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Reasons for the importance of quality assurance in software development

Saving time and money

Providing your project with a quality assurance manager and team early in development helps to identify and eliminate defects early on, saving you time and money that would otherwise be spent on fixing problems later on.

Guarantees user satisfaction

Software quality has a direct impact on user satisfaction. If the product, after passing control from the quality assurance manager and the team, works properly, and meets their needs and expectations, users will be satisfied and ready to remain loyal customers.

Protection of the company’s reputation

A low-quality software product can seriously damage a company’s reputation and lose the trust of customers. Cooperation with reliable quality assurance contractors helps to avoid such problems and preserve the company’s reputation.

Impact on corporate culture

Quality is an important component of corporate culture and the main task of the quality assurance manager and the team. Quality assurance improves interaction between different departments of the company and creates discipline and professionalism in work.

Constant improvement of the quality assurance service

QA is an ever-evolving process. Thanks to it, developers, a quality assurance manager, and a team of QA testers constantly improve their skills and approaches to quality assurance, contributing to the growth of efficiency and effectiveness of work.

Ensuring security

Quality assurance includes testing software for potential security issues. Confidence in software security is essential, especially in connection with the growth of cyber threats and cyberattacks, which is why you need such reliable quality assurance contractors as Ficus Technologies.

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