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Managing your business requires a high-quality digital strategy, and paying great attention to all questions and trifles is necessary. Today, if you hire WordPress developers, you will get an optimal content management system to meet any customer’s requirements regarding the future site. By choosing WordPress developers, you are choosing a high-quality and straightforward site!

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Why CHOOSE wordpress developers?

Wide range of themes, plugins, and extensions
WordPress offers a large number of free templates, plugins, and add-ons. WordPress developers can use this to construct websites with advanced features and capabilities without having to start from zero.
Efficient eCommerce integration
WordPress is compatible with the most popular eCommerce tool in the world, making it an ideal platform for online businesses. By working with WordPress developers, you can avoid the tedious task of transferring product cards to a new resource and quickly create an eCommerce website.
Cost-effective solution
If you want to hire WordPress developers, remember, that it is a cost-effective solution for website development. You can save significantly on costs compared to hiring a web designer or design agency to develop your website. Additionally, the one-click template import function makes website creation quick and efficient, meeting the needs of business owners perfectly.

Code Quality Practices We Promote and Check during WordPress development

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Code quality check is an important step for WordPress developers. An automated code review tool is reliable and fast. This option is very convenient, as there is an opportunity for in-depth code analysis. Typically, the code is reviewed for security, style, and general inaccuracies. However, we should remember to check the code manually. This way WordPress developers can detect the rarest and non-trivial problems with the code. That’s why hiring WordPress developers with experience is essential. Automated code review should complement manual code review to ensure high software quality, and developer experience is needed to review code to address more subtle issues manually. In contrast, automated code review saves time by identifying common errors and bad practices that may occur in a specific code base.

Why Hire WordPress Developers from Ficus Technologies?

There are several reasons why you should hire WordPress developers from Ficus Technologies. First, the most significant advantage is complete control over the site, relatively low development cost, the possibility of easy integration of WordPress with other IT systems, and much more!

Possibility of adaptation to your needs
Our WordPress developers can develop the site of your dreams regardless of the complexity of your ideas. WordPress is like a vast visual designer, meaning there is no limit to creating design and functionality for your site. Moreover, you can be sure that your site will look flawless not only on the computer but also on the phone screen!
Guaranteed security of your site
Undoubtedly, when you hire WordPress developers, you get a completely secure site. Of course, it’s important to remember the importance of updating the WordPress core, as long as you have quality code and updates, you don’t have to worry about cyber security.
Fast and high-quality development
Ficus Technologies works hard to get you a quality product quickly. Today, companies are scaling and need more flexible and responsive CMS. When you hire WordPress developers, you can get both a simple version of the site and millions of variations of visual settings.
Simple collaboration process
Today, the process from determining the client’s demands to the developer to onboarding a developer for a client project is relatively fast. We get in contact with our customers not only offline but also online. It is very convenient because you can be involved and watch the site’s creation from any corner of the planet.

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Hire WordPress developers in 5 Simple Steps

Our IT Outstaffing process is intended to ensure we comprehend our client’s needs and requirements to provide the best staffing solutions. The following are the stages in our IT Outstaffing company.

Determining the client’s demands to the candidate
We begin by grasping our customer’s staffing demands and requirements. It includes knowing the project’s scope, timetable, plans and deadlines, the number of specialists required, etc.
Interview between client and candidate
Once prospective applicants have been found, we perform a comprehensive evaluation process that includes a technical interview and skills evaluation. It allows us to ensure that the individuals we suggest are formally qualified and culturally compatible with our customer’s companies.
Approval of the candidate
After two preliminary stages, we will be ready to select the best developers from our team according to your needs.
Signing the contract
This is one of the essential stages where we try to consider all the conditions of cooperation which will be comfortable for our client.
Onboarding a developer for a client project
We also assist our customers with onboarding after choosing the candidates they wish to collaborate with.

OUR cooperation models

In this IT Outstaffing approach, we offer our customers a fixed cost for a specified amount of labor. Clients with clearly specified project requirements and timelines are the best candidates for this approach.
Dedicated team
According to this IT Outstaffing model, we offer a committed group of IT experts who only work for our customers. This approach suits clients requiring a team of specialists for an extended period and the flexibility to scale the team size up or down.
Time & Material
With this Outstaffing model, we offer our customers a staff of hourly-paid IT specialists. It is suitable for clients who require the flexibility to change the team size and scope of work in response to their changing requirements.


Find out more about our client’s experience of working with Ficus Technologies and its results for their business.

Nataliia Brynza
Nataliia Brynza
COO at Software Development Company – ARTJOKER
The entire process of hiring was simple. We had a strict deadline and needed to find profs for our project, and Ficus made it: the staff they hired was extremely knowledgeable and provided us with a diverse pool of highly qualified software development services. We were delighted with their level of service and for sure would hire them again.
Artem Goncharov
Artem Goncharov
CBDO at NVCoding
I strongly recommend staffing services from Ficus Technologies for those looking for good developers. Their distinguishing feature is that they took the time to learn about our company’s needs and culture, guaranteeing a good fit. So, they studied our project and found an efficient and communicative team of software developers. Thanks to such staffing solutions, we could succeed in our project.
Serhii Soroka
Serhii Soroka
Partnership Manager at 8allocate
8allocate needed assistance and was discovering competent developers, and the Ficus Technologies team connected us with various highly qualified specialists. The staff they offered was extremely accommodating and made the whole process stress-free. Our company applauds their knowledge and strongly recommends their services to every business because they are at the highest level.
Rostyslav Redko
Rostyslav Redko
CEO at Evenmore
We found an ideal software developer for our company thanks to Ficus Technologies. We were impressed by the high caliber of software engineers they presented to us during the process, which was smooth and efficient. After completing the project, we strongly advise anyone seeking staffing solutions to address the Ficus Technologies company.
Svitlana Iliashenko
Svitlana Iliashenko
Partnerships Manager at SPD-Ukraine
Our company urgently needed a Frontend developer with React.Js knowledge. We contacted Ficus Technologies about possibly engaging their specialist to work on our project, and they provided us with a developer whose technical skills fully met our needs. The project was completed on time and met all our requirements. We highly recommend Ficus Technologies.
Dmitry Gusev
Dmitry Gusev
Co-Founder & CGO at Codemotion Ninjas
We had an urgent need for a skilled professional, and the Ficus Technologies team went above and beyond our expectations. They successfully identified competent specialists for our project, enabling us to swiftly fill the vacant position. We applaud their professionalism and wholeheartedly endorse their services for any enterprise.
Andrew Stozhuk
Andrew Stozhuk
Partnership manager at Develux
They worked challenging and gave us quality services for us. It was an excellent experience of cooperation with the Ficus Technologies team, which is professional and proactive and supplied outstanding software developers to our organization. We are incredibly thankful for their assistance and would gladly hire them again for our future projects.

Frequently asked questionS

When was WordPress introduced?

The WordPress content management system appeared in 2003 and gained popularity due to its flexibility and rich functionality. That’s why many businesses hire WordPress developers for their projects.

When using WordPress?

It is better to hire WordPress developers when you want to get complete control over the site and the adaptability of the site’s functionality.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress developers are in high demand today because WP plugins add functionality to websites and offer thousands of options.

Which companies use WordPress?

Today, cooperation with WordPress developers is suitable for most businesses regardless of size, including e-commerce businesses.

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