Awareness of Laravel applications’ specific requirements will ensure your project thrives. The best hosting for Laravel projects should offer features like free SSL certificates, SSH access, ample server space, and turbo servers. Good hosting improves operational efficiency and productivity, which is crucial for Laravel developers. Look for services that offer one-click upgrades, the latest PHP versions, and SSH access for code deployment. 

Who is this article for?
This article targets developers and businesses using Laravel for their projects.
Key takeaways
  • Various hosting types suit different Laravel project scales and needs.
  • Performance, security, and Laravel-specific support are critical hosting features.
  • Managed Laravel hosting offers benefits like improved speed and security.

Which Type of Server is Used for Laravel Web Hosting?

The optimal server type for Laravel hosting is not specific to Laravel but varies between cloud, VPS, dedicated, and shared servers. The best hosting for Laravel guarantees your application’s performance by providing features like SSH access, free SSL certificates, and turbo server options directly affecting its efficiency and security.

Laravel hosting providers

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting, which uses multiple virtual servers to increase reliability, is the best hosting for Laravel projects due to its significant uptime and scalability. This type of hosting ensures that Laravel applications will remain available, and other servers on the network will automatically compensate for the failure of one of them. The inherent flexibility of the cloud infrastructure makes it easy to customize resources to accommodate website growth effortlessly. Therefore, for companies planning to expand, cloud hosting is an excellent choice among the best Laravel hosting providers because the physical limits of servers do not limit it and ensure optimal application performance.

Shared Hosting

For projects that expect less than 30,000 visitors per month, shared hosting is a cost-effective choice, especially if you’re looking for the best Laravel hosting. Key features include Softaculous for one-click Laravel setup, PHP 7.0 compatibility, SSH access, and fast and secure services – all within an affordable plan. Such shared hosting packages are ideal for small organizations or personal blogs. However, if you plan on significant growth, it’s worth considering alternative options to ensure that the best hosting for Laravel meets your current needs and future expansion.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the best Laravel hosting that combines cost and functionality by using virtual technology to simulate a dedicated server environment. This model offers advanced scalability and growth potential at a lower price. The best VPS providers offer a 1-click Laravel setup with Softaculous, optimized hardware and software for speed, high redundancy, and reliability within budget packages. However, VPS uses shared physical resources, which affects absolute privacy and security and may offer less scalability than cloud servers; careful planning and selection can make it the best hosting for Laravel needs.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting offers exclusive server resources, making it the best choice for large organizations needing scalable Laravel hosting. This option is superior in speed and storage, although it is more expensive. The main features of top-notch dedicated hosting include DDoS protection, Server Secure Advanced Security, integrated firewalls, daily backups, and professional support. For those less familiar with server management, the best hosting for the Laravel projects plan is recommended, allowing experts to handle the technical details. Managed plans allow you to focus on developing and improving your website while utilizing the dedicated resources for optimal performance.

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When Do You Need Laravel Hosting?

For projects requiring specialized Laravel support and performance optimization, the best Laravel hosting becomes necessary. You need Laravel hosting:

  • When deploying Laravel applications, ensure an environment tailored to the Laravel architecture.
  • As traffic increases, you need scalable solutions that the best hosting for Laravel can provide.
  • This applies to projects where advanced security features specific to Laravel are a priority.
  • When you need developer productivity tools integrated with Laravel for an efficient workflow.
  • If you need expert Laravel support for troubleshooting and consulting that standard hosting may not provide.

Benefits of A Managed Laravel Hosting Provider

Managed Laravel hosting providers offer developers and businesses many benefits, from increased security to deployment efficiency. In the following paragraphs, we’ll examine how the best Laravel hosting providers can make a difference in your project’s success.

Laravel Application Cache

Laravel application cache significantly improves application speed and efficiency. The Best Laravel hosting services, such as Redis or Memcached, use high-speed memory storage to reduce redundant database requests. This speeds up application performance and ensures that the best hosting for Laravel platforms can offer customized cache server sizes and secure configurations. By optimizing Laravel code’s access to data, these optimizations result in faster response times and improved user experience, which underscores the importance of choosing a reliable hosting provider.

Optimized Web Application Firewalls (WAFs)

Optimized Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) in the best Laravel hosting solutions protect applications from threats by sanitizing incoming data, preventing DDoS attacks, and detecting bots. These managed services, including Cloudways, keep rule sets up-to-date, effectively managing the attack surface. This reduces the need for developers to deal with security, allowing them to focus on building and improving their applications. With the best hosting for Laravel, providers’ commitment to security translates into robust defense mechanisms that ensure applications are protected from the latest vulnerabilities and threats, offering peace of mind to both developers and businesses.

Automated Vertical And Horizontal Scaling

The best hosting for Laravel offers automated vertical and horizontal scaling, directly improving application responsiveness and uptime during traffic spikes. Hosting solutions like Cloudways handle traffic increases and usage peaks without manual adjustments by adding CPU resources or expanding server clusters. This ensures that applications stay online and perform as expected, meeting user expectations and preventing loss of revenue or user engagement. Automatic scaling allows businesses to focus on development and growth rather than infrastructure management, making it an indispensable feature for dynamic online environments.

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The best Laravel hosting providers

The best Laravel hosting providers improve application performance and security with Laravel-specific environments that provide fast loading times, reliable security, and expert support.



Forge is the best hosting for Laravel solutions, simplifying server management and deploying Laravel across multiple cloud providers such as Linode, DigitalOcean, and AWS. With over 352,000 applications in service, Forge’s popularity among businesses and developers is driven by its hassle-free approach to deploying applications to their preferred clouds. It automates the installation of core software such as PHP, Nginx, and MySQL and offers easy deployment from GitHub or Bitbucket. Features such as team collaboration tools, user isolation for increased security, and free SSL certificates via LetsEncrypt make Forge a comprehensive platform. Starting at $12 monthly, it offers affordable access to powerful server management and application deployment features.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting emerges as the best laravel hosting option for those prioritizing rate and integrity in their Laravel applications. Known for its SwiftServer platform and optional turbo servers, A2 Hosting guarantees up to 20x faster performance, improving conversion rates, SEO, and user engagement. With features such as SSDs, AMD EPYC processors with NVMe drivers, and an optimized software environment, you can expect significant improvements in CPU performance, write/read speeds, and traffic handling capabilities. Security is a top priority, offering comprehensive protection, including HackScan and KernelCare updates, at no additional cost. Developer-friendly tools, free migration, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and competitive pricing at $2.99 round out a robust hosting package that makes it a great choice for Laravel projects.



Cloudways is the best hosting for Laravel, providing up to 300x faster server speeds with optimized and fully optimized hosting solutions. It simplifies Laravel deployments with one-click startup and integrates state-of-the-art optimization technologies like PHP-FPM and Redis to maximize performance. Offering SSD-based hosting with dedicated IP addresses, Cloudways provides control and fast content delivery with advanced caching mechanisms, including Varnish and Cloudflare CDN. Security is strong, thanks to platform-level firewalls and two-factor authentication. Cloudways’ uniqueness lies in self-healing servers, flexible backups, and global hosting in more than 60 data centers from leading IaaS providers, providing comprehensive coverage and scalability without long-term commitments. Git integration and teamwork tools add value, and pricing is tailored to your chosen IaaS platform.



Kamatera is the best hosting option for laravel, using immediate cloud implementation for Laravel applications at no cost. The company’s global presence is backed by 18 data centers, guaranteeing a consistent, high-performance service. With Kamatera, scalability is limitless, and a user-friendly management console and advanced artificial intelligence support it. Customize your hosting environment with private networks, firewalls, and load balancers, and enjoy 99.95% network uptime. The service boasts unrivaled speed thanks to Intel Xeon Platinum processors and 40 Gbps connectivity. Dedicated resources for each server guarantee performance without compromise. Discover Kamatera with a 30-day free trial, customizing it to meet your monthly needs for as little as $4.



Servebolt is a top contender for best laravel hosting, catering specifically to Laravel developers. This managed hosting environment is optimized with developer tools such as Git and Composer and is ready for customized workflows. Experience unrivaled speeds with Servebolt’s fast databases and enjoy secure server management via SSH. Their network resiliency is combined with close monitoring of servers to ensure that your sites are always up and running. Servebolt simplifies deployment with Git integration and supports seamless integration with popular CI/CD tools. Take advantage of seamless migration and a 99.90% uptime guarantee, making Servebolt a reliable partner for your Laravel projects.



Laravel Vapor is the best hosting for Laravel because of its advanced serverless deployment platform that leverages AWS for unmatched scalability and performance. With Vapor, you can say goodbye to server maintenance issues and enjoy the flexibility to automatically scale your resources instantly as demand changes. A user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to manage serverless and conventional databases, and seamless integration with AWS services such as ElastiCache and Redis improves the speed of your applications. Vapor also excels at task processing, allowing hundreds of tasks to run simultaneously without manual configuration. Additional features include simplified file uploads to S3, comprehensive application monitoring, and easy DNS management – all for as little as $39 per month.

How To Choose The Best Laravel Hosting?

Picking the best Laravel hosting must concentrate on efficiency, scalability, and support. Choose providers that offer Laravel-optimized servers that guarantee fast page loads and smooth performance even with heavy traffic. Scalability is important; your hosting should grow with your project, allowing you to update resources easily. Comprehensive support, including Laravel expertise, is crucial to resolve issues quickly. In addition, look for features like one-click Laravel installation, pre-configured environments, and strong security measures to keep your application safe. Finally, look at the provider’s uptime history and backup solutions to ensure your application stays online and your data is protected.

Final Words

Finding the best hosting for Laravel requires a balanced approach to performance, scalability, and expert support. It’s about ensuring your Laravel project runs successfully and thrives under different demands. Evaluating your hosting options from these perspectives gives you a foundation to propel your project forward with minimal downtime and a non-negotiable user experience.

Ficus Technologies can simplify choosing and implementing the best hosting for Laravel by offering expert recommendations tailored to your project’s specific needs and ambitions. Our experience ensures that your Laravel application will be hosted on a platform that maximizes performance and growth potential.

Can Laravel run on shared hosting?

Yes, Laravel can be run on shared hosting, although it may not be ideal for all projects. Shared hosting is cost-effective and can support Laravel applications, especially small projects or projects with limited traffic. However, you should consider some limitations, such as less control over server settings, potential performance issues due to shared resources, and limited scalability. To successfully deploy a Laravel application on shared hosting, you need access to Composer and the ability to run special Laravel commands. It is also important to choose a shared hosting provider that supports the required PHP version and extensions required for Laravel.

Where can I host Laravel for free?

To host Laravel applications for free, you have several options, each with its features and limitations. Platforms like Heroku offer a free tier suitable for small projects or prototypes. Heroku simplifies deployment processes and supports PHP applications like Laravel out of the box. Another option is 000webhost, which provides free PHP hosting and can be used for Laravel applications, albeit with some performance and resource limitations. InfinityFree also offers free PHP hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, but like the others, it has limitations that may not be suitable for larger, more demanding Laravel applications.

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